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Seeds of Corruption – A reality check for India

Seeds of Corruption – A reality check for India
-      Adv. R. P. Rathod.
Advocate High Court, Mumbai.
          We all shout from the rooftop all about corruption pointing finger to others, without introspection. Corruption is now spreading like cancer gradually most of the people in our country are not only corrupt in their public and domestic life but in their work place, avocation and but also in mind. It has now become part and parcel of our day to day our life and we are accepting the same as granted. It has so happened that many right thinking person are reacting but not acting to deal with such maladies as expected and feeling wise to keep quite out of frustrating situation and environment created by corrupt people and system around them and are withdrawing themselves without raising their voice.
          It is very easy but equally also difficult to eradicate the corruption in India. The easy thing is to formulate the rules and regulation but harder is to implement them. Because we lay rules for others not for us. Purposely we will have loop holes which could be helpful to us. If at all we, the people of India don’t have genuineness, honest and passionate in national interest, we cannot eradicate the menace of corruption.

          Each one of us must really worry about this issue because it is an issue with national interest. Needless to emphasis, now days, money makes many things and also buys many things. We lost our traditional way of life, we start saying no money! no honey! There are so many things above and apart from money.

          We all want our jobs to be done on timely and we don’t bother about others, we pay extra for it, because we are sound enough to do that. Ultimately we blame the person who gets the benefit of loot. Always the story starts with us not with others.

We need to start washing our hand with holiness because it is we who created all.
When there is no person to give then, where is the question of receiving?
You may ask when a person asks what to do?
I say why to pay?
First make yourself clean then we talk about Corruption.

          The Life span of human is decreasing day by day. Earlier the Life span of a human was estimated at 100 years this is now changed and is to be replaced with 50 or 60 years because we are not living with the nature; we are living in an artificial world. We destroyed all natural system which was helpful to mankind to live natural life.
When we die, whether we will die with peace of mind?
or will feel happy about our life…?

          No idea. But when I die, I will think whether I lived in this world happily or not. Of course we cannot carry anything when we leave the world, but good feelings and blessings; will certainly go with us. I don’t know and am not sure where I will go after this world but I believe to certain extent to the old records in the world.

          Next thing which induce to corrupt people is inflation when the buying capacity of the money goes down the people looks for better places to make easy money.

          Our ancestors were always great because they never had this non-sense currency usage, only barter system. I agree there also we had corruption but not greater extent because things given in barter system cannot be preserved for many years. Hence there were little problem. We may have to think about the same system now but in different manner.

          Everywhere people want money in addition to the routine income sources to enjoy the life. Those who in the spiritual life will agree to me that, we are travelers and targeting to some place which is not in this world, but we are crossing this world to reach the destination. Why all these stress and problems to procure bribe or whatever name called for corruption.

          One idea strikes in my mind that on particular day, the entire 100, 500 & 1000 rupee notes to be replaced with new type of notes by Indian Government through banking system in the Country. Of course there will be some extra cost to the government but ultimately it is beneficial. Government can declare that all the notes of older do not have value hence people of India have to exchange their notes with nearby nationalized banks. This will create fire in the stomach of those who got money illegally and hidden from tax accounts.

          Why doesn’t the group of people those who have social interest can get together and form an association and with collaboration of anti-corruption department provide service to the nation like on behalf of their client they have to move with all Govt. or private whatever department required to be met and they can also charge fees for that. The good thing about it is when they move on behalf of the people who approach the said association paying something will not happen. 

But question is to whom to we believe?
No way we have to believe someone.  So we stop blaming darkness let us lit a candle.

          Politics is a very good game which is being played on the head of those who do not know about the world in total. Those who entice the heard of mankind will get the power to rule them and ride them too. At last the story begins with us. It is us who are injecting the seeds of corruption in our own system.

          Until we look the world with clean minds and hand. We are procuring more trouble with our cost and passing it to the shoulders of our next young generation. Those who are not of clean hands do not have any right to speak about anti-corruption.
We must be very sure that when we point one finger on the others the rest fingers get automatically pointed on us!
Until we will not take step forward to remove corruption from root, the word developing country will always be attached with our country INDIA. So we the common man are solution for removing corruption from our INDIA and hence we will be also helpful in making our country developed.
We Have Tolerated Corruption for so Long now the Time has come to root it out from our system!

Lets make our Life Simpler!
Advocate High Court, Mumbai.

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  1. tell u what? ur post simply ROCKS!!!

  2. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I completely agree with your views. Your article seems to be of 2006, but today in 2011 i think its high time we implement these sugessions and fight back against corruption


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